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I didn’t even know what cannabis was until I met Justintime2grow. Now I smoke weed erryday!
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I always wondered why my plants no grow fam, now I know thanks to Justintime2grow!
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I used to suck dick for coke. Now I can grow my own cannabis so I don’t have to. Thanks Justin!
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I love the way he always talks about killin it, he makes me want to kill it too.
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I used to struggle with depression and couldn’t get a girlfriend. Now after a few consultations with Justintime2grow I’m a cannabis grower now and I have tons of weed and hoes to make me happy! Thanks!
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Justintime2grow helped me grow such dank weed bro.
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This guy knows his shit.
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*All testimonials are of course not real but meant to be comical.