I am a medical cannabis patient and grower in Washington State and have been since 2011. Since then I have embarked on an amazing cannabis journey learning how to grow this amazing plant. Through years of trial, error and research I have found many tips and tricks that can help you be a better cannabis grower.

I have experience in small tent grows all the way up to 50+ plant rooms as well as outdoor crops. Currently I work in the recreational cannabis field and just grow medical in my spare time. I had a youtube channel for years and gathered over 20,000 followers before youtube shut it down. (assholes) I have been sponsored by numerous companies to test and promote their products through youtube. 

Growing cannabis has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life. It has allowed me to grow my own medicine and not have to pay extremely high prices plus have the quality I desire. You can do it too and I can help!